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Sheep Shaker - Ultimate Sound Box

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Vývojář: theM Dev
0.99 USD

Sheep Shaker ( Bah, Baa ) - Ultimate Sound Box is now available on AppStore!

I present to you the Ultimate Sound Box ! It plays 40+ variations of the real sheep sound effects :)

You can shake / tap or use semi-auto (tilt iPhone/iPod) or full-auto loop mode for non stop Sheep action :)

- Shake for a Baahh!
- Tap for a Baa!
- Tilt iPhone/iPod left or right for semi-auto loop mode.
- Loop mode available
- Feel like your iPhone/iPod is a real Sheep :)
- Sounds like a real Sheep!
- Your own personal Virtual Sheep Sound Machine! :)
- Endless possibilities of use.

Additional information
- Easy to use.
- Fun to play with.
- Original sounds.

For all Sheep Lovers out there! :) Now you can listen to your favorite animal all the time.